Production Chain Which Our Success's Key

Fashion Design Creation

The main source of success of Şahsa Textile is its Designer, Engineer and R&D team. Our passionate team works by combining their innovative ideas and experiences to deliver new, unique and extremely high quality products every day.

Weaving and Wrapping

Each quality project created by R&D team is converted to luxury fabric with master hands on weaving machine. Just like a song that the artist combines his sense of art with the musical notes. On passing through the departments, from warping to the loom room, one can observe how the company’s creativity is transformed into the most incredible fabrics.


Every new fabric is examined by our Designer, Engineer and R&D team and the necessary development and improvement stages are applied. Sahsa Textile weaving factory operates in a delicate balance between tradition and innovation. Hand in hand with tradition goes ongoing research and experimentation into new techniques and yarns in order to ensure we always respond effectively to every new market trend.