About us

Sahsa Tekstil was established in 2000 in Bursa, Turkey however, its experience and roots come from 1970's. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the national and international markets, it achieved success and gained a good place in the global market thanks to its passion for work and its administrative structure acting with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Being always in contact with its customers, following the technology closely, investing in the right people and realizing solution-oriented works made Sahsa Textile one of the sought-after manufacturers in the industry. For more than 50 years, Sahsa Textile has always been innovative and trendy in all its products, especially in terms of exclusive design, fashion design, pattern, texture quality and color. Thanks to its customer-focused and quality-oriented approach, the Company has manufactured luxury fabrics to the world famous brands and stylists. The Company also participates in international fairs in France, Italy, USA and other countries and promotes the luxury fabrics it produces.

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Ethical Values

Reliability and honesty the essential foundation of our business and co-operations.

Building internal and external relationships based on valuing people approach.

Provide products with a keen focus on enviromental sensitivity and sustaınability in all production processes.

We are morally obligated to treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are and what they have done.

Its extremely important for us to be loyal to promises and deadlines.

Caring is the heart of our ethics. Because ethics is ultimately about our responsibilities toward other people and we consider our responsibilities.