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Şahsa Textile was founded in 1970 as a small weaving workshop in Bursa, Turkey. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the national and international markets, it achieved success and gained a good place in the global market thanks to its passion for work and its administrative structure acting with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Being always in contact with its customers, following the technology closely, investing in the right people and realizing solution-oriented works made Şahsa Textile one of the sought-after manufacturers in the industry. For more than 45 years, Şahsa Textile has always been innovative and trendy in all its products, especially in terms of fabric design, pattern, texture and color. Thanks to its customer-focused and quality-oriented approach, the Company has manufactured luxury fabrics to the world famous brands and stylists. We sent to different countries in different parts of the world. The Company also participates in international fairs in France, Italy, USA and other countries and promotes the luxury fabrics it produces.

Production Chain Which Our Success's Key

R&D - Fashion Design Creation

The main source of success of Şahsa Textile is its Designer, Engineer and R&D team. Our passionate team works by combining their innovative ideas and experiences to deliver new, unique and extremely high quality products every day

Coloration and Weaving

Each quality project created by R&D team is converted to luxury fabric with master hands on weaving machine. Just like a song that the artist combines his sense of art with the musical notes. On passing through the departments, from pattern drawing to the weaving can be observable how creativity is turn into the spectacular fabrics.

Analysis and Review

Every new fabric is examined by our Designer, Engineer and R&D team and the necessary development and improvement stages are applied. Sahsa Textile weaving factory operates in a delicate balance between tradition and innovation. Hand in hand with tradition goes ongoing research and experimentation into new techniques and yarns in order to ensure we always respond effectively to every new market trend.

Sustainability and Environment

Committed to operating enviromental responsibly, Sahsa Textile cares for the environment as it cares for its customers and employees. To leave a sustainable world and create a sustainable future, the Company applies the principles of environmental consciousness at every level of its activities. That is why we have RCS certificate and we work with enviromentalist company.

We work with companies that has the international OEKO-TEX, GOTS, IQC, ECO-FRİENDLY certificate, which approves that it does not use any products hazardous to humans or the environment...

Ethical Values


Reliabilty & Honesty

Reliability and honesty the essential foundation of our business and co-operations.


Valuing People

Building internal and external relationships based on valuing people approach.


Enviromental Sensitivity

Provide products with a keen focus on enviromental sensitivity and sustaınability in all production processes.



Its extremely important for us to be loyal to promises and deadlines.



We are morally obligated to treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are and what they have done.



Caring is the heart of our ethics. Because ethics is ultimately about our responsibilities toward other people and we consider our responsibilities.

Factory and Showroom

İstanbul Showroom

Company Location:

Demirtas Dumlupınar OSB, Çiğdem 1 Sk.
BURSA, PK 16110




Phone : +090 224 360 08 95
WhatsApp: +90 555 960 13 53

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